About us

We produce sandwich wall panels since 1998.

Stroypanel is a manufacturing company founded in 1998 in St. Petersburg, Russia. We provide a complete range of services in the field of design and supply of sandwich panels for commercial and multi-purpose buildings, enterprises of heavy and processing sectors, as well as agrochemical enterprises, power engineering facilities and infrastructure.

Among the company’s main competitive advantages are its vast engineering resources, extensive experience and high quality of products and services. These are the reasons why many customers and investors choose Stroypanel as their strategic partner.

We ceaselessly expand our market presence and strengthen positions in new industries, thus ensuring a well-balanced projects portfolio. The purpose of Stroypanel is to further strengthen its positions in such fields as power engineering, heavy industry, industrial and civil construction.


Our automatic bench production line, which is unique and only for the Russian market, allows us to manufacture sandwich panels with enhanced mechanical and aesthetic properties. This is achieved by pressing each panel for 10-15 minutes. This time is required for the adhesive to penetrate the mineral wool layer. A panel is warmed all over the surface, and uniform pressure is applied without damaging the fibers of the mineral plate, unlike cases, when panels are manufactured in moving roller presses. Throughout the panels production process we run step-by-step quality control at each stage.


Stroypanel imposes the most strict requirements on materials used to produce its sandwich wall panels. Before we use any material, our quality assurance department carries out incoming inspection. We utilize metal-sheets with Zn-coating of 275 g/m2 thickness and yield strength of at least 280-320 N/mm2. High-quality polymer coating of metal guarantees the consistency of shade in different batches, enhanced resistance to aggressive agents and UV-radiation.

Quality tests

Quality of our panels is confirmed in a timely manner by certified tests. Our production facility incorporates a product testing laboratory possessing unique equipment. Real-sized panels, even up to 7 meters in length, subjected to tests.

Therefore, we guarantee high quality of our products. Stroypanel’s sandwich panels exceed products of other Russian suppliers by 2-3 times, when it comes to mechanical properties.

Certificates of conformity

Quality of the panels complies with ISO 9001:2008
and is confirmed by appropriate certificates
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