RR color chart

RR is the main color system in the Finnish market. This color chart was invented by and belongs to the largest Finnish manufacturer of polymer-coated steel - RUUKKI.

The colors listed may differ from the original ones, for some displays fail to present true colors.

Manufacturer’s color code

Color name Approximately matching
RAL color

Match to Natural Color System (NCS)

RR11 Spruce Green 6020
RR20 White 9003
RR21 Light Grey 7040
RR22 Grey 7000
RR23 Dark Grey 7015
RR24 Light Yellow 1002
RR25 Yellow 1003
RR26 Yellow 1006
RR29 Red 3009
RR30 Light Brown 1001
RR31 Brown 8025
RR32 Dark Brown 8019
RR750 Tile Red 8004
RR33 Black 9004
RR34 Light Blue 5024
RR35 Blue 5001
RR36 Light Green 6021
RR37 Green 6002
RR40 Metallic Silver 9006
RR41 Metallic Silver 9007
RR42 Metallic Gold -
RR43 Metallic Copper -
RR44 Metallic Blue -
RR45 Metallic Graphite -
RR46 Metallic Black -

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